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AstraGate Domain Services :
AstraGate Domain Services (AGDS) provides you low cost direct purchase of the following products: 

Domain Names [as low as 99 cents ($.99)]
Website Hosting
Email Services
PC and Virtual Fax Services
Servers (dedicated and virtual)
Search Engine Submission and Optimization
Digital SSL HTTPS Certificates
Instant Website Creation
Dedicated IP Addresses
Exchange Mail and Servers
Online Storage and Sharing
Ecommerce Quick Shopping Carts
Blog hosting
Wordpress and other CMS hosting
Web Design Services

Site Builders

Become relaxed, worry free, and prosper knowing you got reliable and high quality Internet services from AstraGate Domain Services with support available 24 hours every day by multiple large staff groups ready to assist the moment you call, email, or chat.

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AstraGate Resell :
AstraGate Resell : hottest reseller provider.  AstraGate Resell (AGR) provides you an instant business with your own brand name and custom look RISK FREE!  You can also use it to complement an existing business and significantly increase your revenue from an existing customer base.  If you already have many domain names, and/or hosting services, then you can use AGR to reduce your costs significantly beyond your tiny AGR annual membership cost. 

You get a complete ready to use (full-turn-key) business and operation  that has your brand, and is fully staffed (Sales, Billing, Support/Customer Service) and ready to take orders, and all the services and products provided.  You get to choose what you want or don't want to sell, and you decide how much to price each item or instantly custom price everything with an online product wizard, and even transparently tie your other businesses and sites.   You get money deposited into your account every month with all details clearly shown with online control panels and reports. 

As you prosper as a reseller of AstraGate Resell services, you will become very happy and richer.  We do all the heavy work for you. It will not cost you thousands of dollars; Get started now for just $90 a year!  You will not find anything better.  We have made it safe for you to try this immediately, with zero risk, by providing a complete risk free money back guarantee.  Absolutely No reason to wait second, Join now, and succeed!

Become happy and richer.  Right now, other resellers of the same services, that AstraGate Resell provides, are making tens of thousands of dollars every month.  Become one! You have nothing to lose, and you get almost $500 in free extras to use for yourself. Click now.
Small sample of what you can sell:
Domains: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US, .info, .biz, .co, .tv, .uk, .se, .br, .fr, .mobi, .ca, .asia, .in, .be, .cc and pretty much ALL top level domain names (TLDs) of the world!
Web Products/Services: hosting, spam-protected email accounts and web site builders!
Protection: private registrations, online file storage.
E-commerce Tools: SSL certificates, search engine tools, shopping cart, merchant account, marketing.

The following and much more is included:
Free Phone, web & email support for you AND your customers 24/7/365!
A ready-to-go shopping cart with secure, real-time credit card processing.
Up to the minute online reporting for tracking sales.
Ongoing product support & development.
We do all of the processing and back office work for you.
Full turnkey business operation in minutes.
Free extras: Almost $500 in free services, search engine advertisements, and products (such as express marketing, SSL certificates, online storage and more) given for your own use.

No risk.  Full money back guarantee.

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In addition the the above products and services listed for AstraGate, AstraGate has also been involved or is involved in the following services and products:
Data center and collocation (colocation/co-location) services; IP services; IPA provision; IT; Networking services; most Wireless services, wireless communication, or wireless data services and products ; Internet access provision; software and site design and development services; Remote IT, and Remote Office Administration, and PC services; advertising; marketing; social sites and services; SEO; almost every kind of service or product that is associated with hosting, website, servers, data, security, and interfaces; Voice, and long distance services; phone services and sales; VOIP; SIP; hardware sales; e-commerce; credit card products and services; merchant products and services; search engine related development and services; advertising services; games; image sites, personal sites, private and corporate sites; horoscopes; affiliate programs; Multilevel Marketing; and much more. 

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